SREE SASTHA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is established as per the Guidance of National Council for Teacher Education, Government of India with an infrastructure mentioned below:
Class Rooms
Spacious, well Furnished, Airy, Proper Sunlight, Fully electrified Class Room facilities.
Adequate Furniture is provided. Good and Modern Black Board is provided.
Proper Sanitation facilities, and Drinking Water are Provided.
Sufficient Numbers of Books and Journals are available as per NCTE Norms.
Daily Newspapers both in English and Tamil.
Weekly Magazines, Monthly Magazines regarding Education are available.
Spacious Reading Room is provided to the Students.
Science Lab
Physical Science Lab
Physical Science Lab is provided with well Equipped Apparatus.
Proper Electric connections are provided.
Water facilities are available.
Biological Science Lab
Biological Science Lab is provided with spacious tables and Chairs.
Models, Specimens are available.
Proper water Facilities is available.
Psychology Lab
Psychology Lab is utilised by the students to conduct Experiments on Learning,
  Intelligence, Aptitude, Attidude, Personality, Creativity, spar of Attention Etc..
The main aspect of the Psychology Lab is to understand the mind and Behaviours of
  Students and Teachers.
Audio Visual Equipments
Audio-visual is provided with well-equipped AV Instruments.
It is made available for Students utility.
Computer Lab
There is a well-equipped Computer Lab.
Sufficient Number of Computers are available.
Students utilize the Computers for learning MS-Windows, and also for developing
  Software Materials for Educational Purposes.
Music Instruments
Students recreate themselves by utilizing the Musical Instruments.
They learn to play different types of Instruments like string, Percussion and Wind
Art and Craft
It improves Wall Experience.
Improves Creativity of the Students.
Make Students utilize the By- products for a needful purpose.
Improves concentration.
Improves Aesthetic sense.
The main aim is to improve Human Health.
Proper Co-ordination of Muscular Activities.
Leadership Quality is developed.
To lead a peaceful life in the Society. Unity is needed that has been taught in the
  sports Activities.
Perfect Balance between success and Failure is created among the Students.
Hostel Facilities
Separate Hostel Facilities are provided for both Men and Women.
Spacious Rooms, Water facilities are provided.
Sanitation facilities are available in proper conditions.
Bus facilities are provided in sharing basis with Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology.Since there is a less number of students 100 students in B.Ed , 35 students in M.Ed.
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